Dynamic Logo

I designed this dynamic mark to accompany the #JustGetCovered lockup. The bandaid symbolizes "coverage" in a youthful way. It folds into a heart, a checkmark and a cross.

Dynamic Bandaid.gif

Site Design

I redesigned the National Youth Enrollment Day campaign site. Unfortunately, we had limited resources to implement the new site.

Influencer Campaign

We reached out to celebrity influencers, politicians and the general public urging them to post and create videos on National Youth Enrollment Day. To see the full Influencer Brief, click here.

Illustration by Robbie Fleming
Animation/Art Direction by Steph Lin

The White House — National Youth Enrollment Day

Branding, Website, Animation + Social

Working in partnership with the Obama White House and Young Invincibles, Big Spaceship created a campaign for National Youth Enrollment Day. This campaign drove young Americans to enroll in the Affordable Care Act for coverage in 2017. 

I worked on the overall campaign branding, site design, and social assets.



Agency — Big Spaceship