Google Play Music

We translated Google Play Music's 2016 above the line campaign into digestible, bite-sized content for social media. By leveraging scenes from popular movies and striking footage from the TV spot, we created engaging, sharable gifs. The following campaign showed listeners that Google Play Music has a playlist for every situation.


Emmy’s 2016 Social Campaign

We published a series of posts leading up to the 2016 Emmy’s Award show. We featured seven nominated shows that were available on streaming apps found in the Google Play store such as HBO Now, Netflix and Amazon Prime. We created our own award categories and pitted vastly different shows against each other for a fun compare/contrast.

Seats of Almost Power.png
Game of Thrones.png

Narcos Season 2 Drop

In anticipation of the Narcos Season 2 Drop on Netflix, we produced a series of illustrated facts from Pablo Escobar’s life. We stayed true to the Google illustration style, but added some depth and grit to tie back to the show.

Narcos Mice.png
Narcos Jet.png
Narcos Rubberbands.png

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